Our ambition

With us, you have a trustful partner at your side and we work through our employees for the future of your company. We understood that time is the most important item for our clients. Our flat management structure allows us to take rapid decisions and to efficiently perform change processes. Our client has always a direct connection with upper management.



Our positioning

We have clearly defined values that are anchored in our internal and external agreements. The observance of human rights – with all its facets – is definitely for us within VALEO IT and obviously in the social interaction with our partners.

Our goal is the continuous improvement of work processes both internally and externally. Associated hereto is the attempt to create transparency about which risks arise from our business activities and our business relationships and how these risks can be managed.




Our inheritance

Our employees are our strength. The skills, the experience and knowledge of our colleagues motivate us  every day to meet our customers' expectations. We rely on long-term and appreciative relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers. 



Our distinctive features

We know our customer. Our long-term customer relationships, which go back to 2004,  have enabled us to build a relationship of trust and mutual respect. We were also able to prove that we are able to successfully master difficult situations and complex challenges.We work in an extensive ecosystem and are partners with a strong network in the industry.



The global presence

Our employees are currently spread across six locations around the world. We never forget our origins. We combine global availability, manufacturer neutrality and customer expertise to meet business needs.