April 29, 2020 - Fever screening with the Kentix SmartXcan

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The situation we are in now requires strict measures. In order to contain viral diseases as much as possible, we present   Kentix SmartXcan  . It is a fever screening with a contactless measurement within seconds. [Nbsp]

Fever has proven to be a very good indicator of viruses. The human body increases the immune system and thus the temperature very early on, before we even recognize the symptoms. Affected persons can be identified preventively in order to prevent the virus from spreading and to enable the usual everyday life for everyone else as quickly as possible.

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How does SmartXcan work?

During the development, contactless and intuitive operation was the be-all and end-all. This resulted in the following 3 steps:

Focus measurement point - move head closer - measurement.

Then there is an acoustic and an optical signal. If the SmartXcan lights up green, everything is OK. If the SmartXcan lights up red, this person has an increased body temperature. Depending on the application, you can couple the SmartXcan to doors or barriers to create an automatic entry control.

Optionally, data collected can be sent to AI-based analysis databases in compliance with the GDPR. This supports science in fighting the virus.

Many applications, simple measure

The SmartXcan has proven to be a safe, easy-to-use fever screening that has been tried and tested in many risk areas. It helps your company or institution to recognize at an early stage whether your employees or customers are at an elevated temperature. It is an effective measure to restore confidence in public security. In contrast to a thermal imager, the acquisition costs remain low. 

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