April 1, 2020 - Desktop virtualization

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Desktop virtualization - what is it?

Many of us have the classic concept of a workplace in mind: You sit at a desk. There is a monitor on this, which is connected by cable to a PC, which is usually under the table.

All peripherals are connected here, e.g. Keyboard, mouse, but also the cable for access to the local network.

When virtualizing your desktop, we take your computer, which is located under the desk, and transport it - figuratively - into the cloud. You only need a very "small" computer, with no noteworthy resources, that connects to the cloud.

Many companies already work mainly with software that uses content from the web. With your computer in the office, this happens at the maximum speed of your Internet line. With a computer from the cloud, you use the full bandwidth of the data center, which is many times higher. Only the screen content is transferred to you in the office.

The pooling of resources in a data center such as our   BavariaCloud   enables enormous savings potential. By eliminating many components in the hardware area, the administrative maintenance effort is also significantly reduced.

Your desktop, whether at home or in the office

Software installation is also significantly simplified. Instead of installing on each client, the distribution can be done centrally. Updates and maintenance work are optimized as best as possible. Since the computing power is in the cloud, thin clients can use your desktop

Replace the computer completely. These are cheap and very mobile. So you can also use the usual office services from your home office.

In times like these, desktop virtualization can fully exploit its advantages.

Your employees can access the same resources in the home office as in the office. Even slow internet connections are no longer a problem. It only has to have the capacity to transfer the content of the virtualization.

All remaining data traffic runs through the data center.

Virtualization is interesting for many companies. It can now also be used for powerful applications such as 3D visualization or design.

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