26.05.2021 - Smart Collaboration in the modern IT Era

Smart Collaboration in the modern IT Era

DevOps-based solutions from VALEO IT

VALEO IT | DevOps-based solutions

In relation with today’s mobility and flexibility trends, all our DevOps-based solutions consist of fully accessible internet facing approaches with a state-of-the art secured back-end, compliant with any customer internal information security and data protection rules.

We develop customized products which are fully integrated with today’s modern technologies such as IOT or AI, being ready to be deployed in public or private cloud solutions, ensuring a full compatibility and continuity for the customer’s infrastructure and business.

Our DevOps team is actively involved in designing and implementing a cloud-based platform which improves communication and collaboration between involved parties working on the same project in the automotive world, but also other industries.

The platform is deployed based on the Infrastructure-as-Code concept using the most modern DevOps technologies like Terraform, Ansible, Python, Groovy, Angular, Jenkins, Harbor.

Based on the above concept we are able to offer our customers a complete Platform as a Service solution which consists of full deployment, management and support activities as part of a fully-automated, smart and easy customizable product ready for any business use case.

The entire infrastructure is running on AWS cloud taking advantage of the cloud resources elasticity, being fully integrated with all Cloud specific sub services and routines.

As part of our DevOps service, we also offer a complete support for the platform, optimized for fast scalability and business continuity.

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