Surveillance in retail shops

VALEO ITstands forall-round view

For surveillance in shops, offices or pharmacies, we offer two innovative cameras from Mobotix for perfect discreet integration.

The compact indoor hemispheric camera provides a seamless, high-resolution 180° panorama image. A single i25 covers an entire room from wall to wall and easily replaces four conventional CCTV cameras.

The compact design ensures an unobtrusive appearance for wall mounting in all environments. Available with a day or night sensor (color or SW lens), the i25 is also ideal for demanding indoor applications with difficult lighting conditions. The camera can be attached to all kinds of wall surfaces.



The advantages

  • Extremely light-sensitive 5 megapixel sensors
  • High-contrast images without motion blur in poorly lit scenes (MxLEO)
  • Hemispheric technology with a seamless all-round view, also available as a 92 ° version with lens L23-F1.8
  • Particularly cost-effective thanks to fewer cameras
  • Automatic storage of all relevant events
  • Integrated MxActivitySensor detects the smallest movements and minimizes false alarms
  • Maintenance-free because there is no heating, no ventilation and no mechanically moving parts
  • No license and software costs, free update

In contrast to the competition, the hemispherical equalization at MOBOTIX is already done in the camera and not on the PC, so that the image data is drastically reduced before transmission and storage. This decentralized MOBOTIX solution relieves the network and enables dozens of hemispherical cameras to be displayed on the PC and especially on the smartphone.

With its diameter of just 12 centimeters and a weight of around 200 grams, the new c25 is the smallest and lightest hemispheric MOBOTIX video complete system for indoor ceiling mounting (protection class IP20, 0 up to 40 ° C). The standard equipment includes a bright 5MP day or night sensor, a microSD card memory, an HD audio microphone and the latest camera software   including MxActivitySensor and the   MxAnalytics video analysis tools (person and object count, heat map -Display frequently used areas). The integrated   MxLEO Lowlight Optimization   ensures high-contrast images without motion blur even in poorly lit scenes.



Easy installation in suspended ceilings

Up to 26 mm thick ceiling panels are suitable for mounting the c25, into which a circular opening with a diameter of 105 mm is sawn. The camera connected to the network cable is simply inserted from below with the spring clips raised and automatically fixed.



Typical applications for the c25

Applications in indoor areas such as in retail, in the supermarket, in public buildings, in trade fair and exhibition rooms, in hotels and leisure facilities, in residential buildings or for monitoring industrial production processes.



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