Let us help you improve your IT

Our consultancy teams are ready to perform project management, coordination, planning and design flows for any future use cases from our clients, with direct and positive applicability in our customer’s business range by transforming the entire digitalization trend with the help of tomorrow’s technologies.

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Benefits of our technical consulting Services

Our technology certified experts are ready to stand alongside our customers to guide and support alternative requirements or project-based operations for any technology.​

IT Infrastructure Consulting Services

Technical Consulting Services

Our technology certified consultants will guide you through any digital transformation projects involving design, migration and implementation. We can help you to align the infrastructure size and scalability in order to support your company goals and future growth velocity.

Cloud Consultant Services

Technical Consulting Services

We guide our customers in tomorrow’s digitalization journey by following a Public Cloud infrastructure. VALEO IT Cloud services consultants will help you to assess, migrate and integrate your applications and infrastructure to a Public or Private Cloud in an optimized way.

Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Technical Consulting Services

In tomorrow’s digitalization journey the security and privacy are a must. VALEO IT Cybersecurity consultants will help you to secure and protect your applications, infrastructure and data, according with your business needs.

Technology Advisory Services

Technical Consulting Services

At VALEO IT we help our customers to develop and adopt the right technology required by the business applications. Our goal is to optimize the IT internal costs while adopting the most innovative technologies.

Ongoing Consulting Services

Technical Consulting Services

At VALEO IT we help our customers to achieve long term goals by offering dedicated and customized consultancy services.

What makes us different

We work within an extensive partner ecosystem with a strong network in the industry combining global availability, vendor neutrality and customer expertise to drive business impact. Fundamentally, it’s a question of human cooperation. Cultural fit between client and outsourcer could not be more vital as sourcing engagements approach the condition of strategic business partnerships.

Flexible Global coverage  and service scalability leads to service cost reduction

User-centric customized ecosystem delivering high-quality services

Dynamic approach in order to understand your business needs and deliver the best-suited solution

We take care of our customer’s infrastructure in a controlled and secured way while allowing them to concentrate on their core business

Dedicated Technical Operation Center and Security Operation Center

IT Infrastructure Consulting

IT Infrastructure Consulting

  • Digital Transformation Advisory
  • Infrastructure Design and Solutions
  • Migration and Implementation

Cloud Consulting

  • Migration to Private or Public Cloud
  • Cloud Integration
  • Cloud Optimization

Cybersecurity Consulting

  • Privacy and Customer Protection
  • Customer Environment Analysis
  • Incident and Threat Assessment
  • Security Crisis Management

Technology Advisory

  • Develop and adopt the right technology
  • Optimize the IT internal costs
  • Stay updated with the IT industry

Ongoing Consulting

  • Dedicated Technical Consultants
  • Long-term Goals Achievement
  • Continuous Collaboration
  • Customer Satisfaction

IT Infrastructure Consulting Services

Our mainly goal is to provide high quality consulting services improving performance, optimizing the resource consumption and reducing the maintenance and support costs. We can help you to align the infrastructure size and scalability in order to support your company goals and future growth velocity.

With more than 15 years of experience we provide end-to-end infrastructure consultancy services:

  • Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Operating system and software installation and updates
  • Infrastructure components analysis and optimization
  • Virtual environment design and management
  • Consulting in all the required aspects of your virtualized environment like infrastructure planning and design, licensing optimization, implementations and migrations
  • Enhancing business continuity metrics by improving system availability and security
  • Efficient partner in any future Cloud migrations, including state-of-the-art technologies such as virtualized networking and segmentation (SD WAN)
  • Virtual environment migrations
  • End-to-end migrations
  • Business Continuity planning, implementation and test for Storage, Backup and Archive
  • Capacity management and planning following the business growth and needs
  • Infrastructure architecture design

Cloud Consulting Services

The VALEO IT company is a desired partner for any customer in regards of Public Cloud migrations and operations. The Managed Public Cloud service portfolio consists of end-to-end consultancy and operations for cloud tenants hosted in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or AliBaba Cloud.

Our Public Cloud service includes the entire palette of actions: planning, design, implementation and maintenance, offering a full managed support and consultancy service for all customer’s use cases and cloud integrated services. Our Cloud specialists are working closely with every customer to create tailor-made Private Cloud solutions, suitable for any service or application, which ensures an optimal TCO combined with maximum flexibility and state-of-art IT solutions.

Our global footprint allows us to offer several Private Cloud solutions in close proximity with our customer’s business and geographical needs, covering end-to-end planning, design, implementation and maintenance for three possible scenarios:

  • Private Cloud solution built on customer’s premises
  • Private Cloud solution hosted in VALEO IT Data Centers
  • Private Cloud solution hosted in a VALEO IT’s partner data center

Cybersecurity Consulting Services

VALEO IT Cybersecurity Management Services can help you assess and understand your risks, detect and respond to possible threats and provide your IT teams with appropriate information to achieve your IT Risk Management goals.

Cybersecurity consultancy services consist in:

  • Security appliances audit, management and best practice recommendation
  • Topology recommendations, DMZ service assessment / recommendations
  • Network devices audit and systems hardening
  • VPNs Topology analysis and recommendations regarding protocols, encryption algorithms, traffic encryption rules.
  • Customer’s Environment analysis
  • Applications security assessment

Technology Advisory Services

In any domains in which our clients work, we need to ensure that they are using the correct technology framework so that their business has a strong IT based foundation. The sustainability and scalability of our client’s portfolio is strongly corelated with the right decision towards the technological frontend and backend, optimizing and empowering business continuity and modern era approaches.
Our experts are analyzing constantly the technological updates on the market, in order to find and ensure a best-fit design to any potential client from any local or global market, being adaptable and compatible with any customer industry, strategy or potential.

Ongoing Consulting Services

We ensure successful partnerships with our clients based on long-term high-level consultancy services in order to shape and guide our customers’ IT and application infrastructure to fully integrate with their business goals. Our customer’s satisfaction is strongly linked to a successful continuous collaboration with our dedicated technical consultants, advising, consulting and designing all the IT related aspects in our client’s “yard”.