Mivor Fruit Cooperative, Italy

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Mivor Fruit Cooperative, Italy

Südtiroler Obstgenossenschaft Mivor setzt auf IP-Video


Das sensible Thema Lebensmittel erfordert naturgemäß hohe Sicherheit. Für die Genossenschaft Mivor im äußersten Norden Italiens gilt dies umso mehr: Sie ist eine der größten ihrer Art in Europa. Bis zu 90.000 Tonnen Äpfel werden hier im Jahr von den Mitgliedsbetrieben angeliefert, zwischengelagert und in den Handel gebracht. Derzeit 411 Bauern mit einer Gesamtanbaufläche von elf Quadratkilometern liefern ihre Waren in das Zentrallager in Latsch unweit von Bozen. „Ein besserer Überblick, wer auf unserem Gelände fährt und sich dort aufhält, sowie eine Dokumentation sind für uns die wichtigsten Beweggründe, Videotechnik einzusetzen“, sagt Kurt Wellenzohn, Technischer Leiter von Mivor. „Das haben auch Abnehmer verlangt, damit nicht Unbefugte Zugriff auf unsere Produkte in unseren Hallen oder den Lagerflächen auf den Dächern haben. Vor allem die Qualität der Videotechnik erfüllt unsere Erwartungen absolut und war zudem in kürzester Zeit realisiert.“

IP video professional realizes system concept in record time

VALEO IT Neteye GmbH needed just twelve working days to set up a comprehensive system concept for securing boundaries, open spaces and halls with MOBOTIX IP cameras. 40 cameras are installed on masts, on the outer part of the building and on the roof. "Today, it no longer has to be months before systems are ready for operation," says Norbert von Breidbach-Bürresheim, Managing Director of VALEO IT Neteye. “Network cables, switches and servers are standard IT products. When a professional plans, they work together with IP cameras to achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time,” says von Breidbach-Bürresheim.

Environmental protection: infrared prevents light smog

In the day / night version like Mivor, MOBOTIX dual cameras such as the DualDome or AllroundDual deliver high-resolution and brilliant colour images in normal daylight conditions. At night, the barely perceptible light from an infrared light source is enough for high-quality black and white images.
”The advantage is obvious," explains von Breidbach-Bürresheim. “No additional artificial light is necessary at night. This was an express customer request, so that unnecessary and ugly light smog does not arise in the natural holiday region. "Another advantage of the IR emitters: The energy consumption of the system is considerably reduced."

IP video over existing network with UPS

Mivor records at six frames per second. "This frame rate is easy on the network, but still delivers enough meaningful content," emphasizes Wellenzohn. Mivor uses the existing Cisco IP network for data transmission, a virtual LAN has been set up for video technology. "There are no problems at all. Thanks to the excellent compression standard MxPEG from MOBOTIX, the images are excellent and the data load is still surprisingly low.” In addition to the quality, a cost aspect was also crucial for wave wages: IP networks are already protected by an uninterruptible power supply. Additional emergency power devices are therefore not necessary if the IP cameras are connected to the switches with Power over Ethernet lines (PoE). The power supply from the switches as nodes to the IP cameras then takes place via the same cable with which the data is transported. "This is not possible with analogue video," emphasizes Wellenzohn.

High-tech door stations with megapixel camera

The MOBOTIX door station is also integrated in the IP network. An intercom and a camera are integrated, which cover a recording area of 80 degrees. For example, it is not possible for people to secretly transport objects into a building. The door station has a 3.1 megapixel camera that delivers brilliant colour pictures. If a person rings the doorbell, a video stream can be seen on an IP video phone. In addition, the door stations offer the option of access via PIN or RFID card. For Norbert von Breidbach-Bürresheim, the door station is an optimal complement to IP video technology. "With the door station, we were able to implement a really round and coherent concept for more security at Mivor in a short time.