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Logistik-Spezialist Loxxess realisiert umfassende Lagerüberwachung mit Komplettlösung aus Overland Snap Server® und MOBOTIX-Kameras

Die Loxxess AG meistert die Herausforderungen der globalen wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung mit innovativen Logistikkonzepten und optimiert damit alle Bereiche der Supply Chain. Mit einem modernen Überwachungskonzept, bestehend aus dem Speichersystem Snap Server von Overland Storage und IP-Kameras von MOBOTIX, sorgt das Logistikunternehmen für den lückenlosen Schutz eingelagerter Waren im Wert von 80 Millionen Euro.

Die Loxxess AG hat sich auf Outsourcing-Projekte in der Industrie- und Handelslogistik spezialisiert und stellt mit komplexen Warehouse-Lösungen die Verbindung zwischen Herstellern und Händlern auf der einen und dem Kunden auf der anderen Seite her. Dabei entwickelt Loxxess für Kunden aus unterschiedlichsten Branchen maßgeschneiderte Logistik- und Fulfillmentlösungen. Die Loxxess AG mit Hauptsitz am Tegernsee beschäftigt etwa 1.600 Mitarbeiter, hat über 30 Logistikstandorte in Deutschland, Tschechien und Polen und bewirtschaftet 600.000 m2 Lagerfläche.

Strict security requirements for high value of goods

At the location in Bor, just behind the Bavarian-Czech border, Loxxess operates a hall with the most modern high-bay warehouse on an area of over 15,000 m2. The company took over the logistics area of the television station Premiere (today Sky) in 2007 and today bundles logistic services such as storage, packaging and shipping for various customers from the world of digital media in Bor. All parts that Pay TV subscribers need for television reception are stored here with a total value of 80 million euros - from TV remote controls and television receivers to SmartCards, the access cards to the world of Pay TV.

“SmartCards are not only easy to steal due to their format, but also as good as cash. As a result, the manufacturer prescribes strict safety precautions. Since we have to meet the VdS 3 standard, we need a comprehensive security concept to optimally protect the electronic parts. A burglar alarm system alone is by no means enough,” explains Michael Schertl, Managing Director of the Loxxess locations in Amberg and Bor.

The central component of the concept is permanent video surveillance of the entire interior of the hall as well as the doors and gates to the exterior. For the implementation, Loxxess initially obtained offers from two Czech security companies that work with standard cameras and magnetic tape technology for storing the video recordings. "This technology neither offered the performance and quality that we need for these high security requirements, nor did it correspond to the high level of IT equipment at Loxxess," says Schertl. "We therefore commissioned our long-standing IT partner VALEO IT to develop a well-founded surveillance concept that contained the latest technology and should meet the strict requirements."

VALEO IT developed a complete package consisting of state-of-the-art IP-based digital video cameras from MOBOTIX and a seamlessly connected storage system of the Snap Server type from Overland Storage. "We were immediately won over by this solution - in the individual technical components and thanks to the ingenious idea of delivering the data storage together with the cameras and integrating them into an integrated overall package. We were certain that with this concept we could easily meet our customers' strict safety requirements for the storage of electronic parts," says Schertl. “The solution from VALEO IT also offered us an optimal price-performance ratio when shopping and, more importantly, it promised sustainability. Even the best solution will only be perfect with reliable support.”

24 cameras monitor every angle

Loxxess commissioned VALEO IT to implement the project. 24 high-resolution MOBOTIX cameras, each with 3 megapixels, were installed in the hall, the storage area of which corresponds to more than two soccer fields. In order to ensure the maximum security of the stored products, the cameras had to be installed so that the widest possible areas of the interior as well as the complete outer door and ramp gate zones were in the viewfinder area. ”The installation and networking of the cameras presented us with great challenges. The devices had to be installed at a height of eleven meters. The maximum length of the cabling should not exceed 100 meters per camera in order to ensure a consistently high recording quality. In addition, we were under a lot of time pressure because the storage of the electronics could only begin after the safety requirements have been fully met", explains Norbert von Breidbach-Bürresheim, Managing Director of VALEO IT Neteye GmbH, the Building Security, Camera Surveillance and Access Control Systems Division.

The monitoring system went into operation after only four months of the project. The 24 cameras are networked via IP protocol with the central storage unit, a high-performance Overland Snap Server 520 with 4TB storage capacity. There are two separate channels for the input / output. The cameras take 6 frames per second, which ensures optimal image quality. While the interior of the hall is monitored around the clock, the cameras in the outside area only react when there are movements using highly sensitive sensors. Should the amount of data increase due to longer storage times or switching to permanent recording outdoors, the Snap Server still has enough air in terms of capacity.

”As we always offer our customers the best quality, we also expect this from our service providers and suppliers. Both the consulting and implementation services of our partner VALEO IT, as well as the underlying technologies from MOBOTIX and Overland Storage, as well as their integration into a coherent overall concept, exceeded our expectations. The project time of just four months - from the first exploratory talks to the completely installed complete solution - is also record-breaking," says Schertl.

Reliable storage for huge amounts of data

With the GuardianOS operating system, Snap Server meets all the requirements that must be met for video surveillance. High performance for quickly writing off the data streams of numerous cameras and extreme reliability are important, since recorded images must be available at all times, for example in the event of a break-in. "The camera and storage operating system are very well coordinated," says Norbert von Breidbach-Bürresheim. "The system is absolutely reliably, so that complete documentation and access to it are ensured. The two-channel operation option was also important, so that the research can continue unimpeded and continue with constant storage performance.

GuardianOS is Linux based, so high availability is almost guaranteed. At the same time, the operating system is very user-friendly and can be operated via a web browser. Because all Snap Servers use the GuardianOS operating system and are operated via the same user interface, additional snap servers can be quickly set up and implemented at any time. Snap servers distributed across multiple remote locations can be easily controlled via the web.

The seamless 24-hour surveillance indoors with high-resolution images creates large amounts of data that must be saved and archived for 10 days. The high-performance Overland 520 Snap Server easily meets this requirement. The Snap Server can manage all 24 cameras at the same time - from anywhere. Michael Schertl has every single camera in view via his notebook, but could also switch to Blackberry. Regardless of this, the branch manager saves considerable time and money through the mobile remote monitoring of the warehouse, since he cannot always be on site.

Since the monitoring solution was installed, the loss of valuable electronic equipment has been zero. "Without the cameras, we would have to have the entire indoor and outdoor area of the hall guarded around the clock by security personnel. ”Without the cameras, we would have to have the entire indoor and outdoor area of the hall guarded around the clock by security personnel. For this, we would need at least three employees. Thanks to the MOBOTIX / Overland solution, we can save this personnel expense. Last but not least, the monitoring system also pays off with insurance premiums," confirms the Loxxess managing director. "We were able to get a cheaper rate.” Schertl would also like to use the tried-and-tested solution for future projects: “If we plan to expand, we will of course rely on the same concept again.” With the Snap Server, there are hardly any limits to Loxxess AG.