Jeweller Meiller, Schwandorf

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Jeweller Meiller, Schwandorf

Moderne Videolösung sichert exklusive Schmuckstücke


Vertrauen spielt in der Welt von exklusiven Uhren und Schmuck sowie der Augenoptik eine ganz große Rolle. So auch beim Juweliergeschäft Meiller in Schwandorf in der Oberpfalz. Die bereits in der fünften Generation geführte OHG bietet neben exklusiven Uhren und Schmuck auch Brillen traditioneller, hochwertiger sowie zeitgemäßer Marken und Modelle an.

Mit seiner Erfahrung, dem außergewöhnlichen Service sowie einem äußerst vielfältigen Sortiment von traditionell bis trendig, begeistert das seit 1876 bestehende Familienunternehmen bis heute seine Kunden. 20 Mitarbeiter beraten und verkaufen die Produkte oder sorgen in der zertifizierten Meisterwerkstatt für den Werteerhalt sowie die Reparatur einzelner Schmuckstücke und Uhren. Etwa 200 Marken aus den Bereichen Uhren, Ringe, Hals-, Ohr- und Armschmuck sowie Augenoptik mit insgesamt 10.000 Artikeln führt das Juweliergeschäft.

Auch bei der Videosicherheit setzt Meiller auf eine moderne Lösung und hat im Laden zehn Kameras von MOBOTIX installiert.



Details ere not recognizable

Up to now, the jeweller had used analogue camera surveillance, but it was getting a bit old and was no longer stable. In addition, the quality of the recordings left a lot to be desired. “We are dealing with very small pieces such as earrings; due to the poor resolution of the analogue cameras, some of them could not be recognized properly,” explains Roland Meiller, owner of “Juwelier Meiller”.

Convincing design, resolution and price-performance ratio

Therefore, Roland Meiller decided to implement a new video solution. He contacted the security consultant Norbert von Breidbach-Bürresheim of VALEO IT Neteye GmbH. He came along with MOBOTIX cameras in his luggage and presented the video systems to the jeweller. He also took test shots that were very convincing. “The resolution of the video systems was very good, you could really see details. And this also applies to backlight situations," says Meiller. “The price of the solutions also convinced us, because the price-performance ratio of the new indoor cameras is really impressive. Another criterion was the design of the cameras. Because this is very discreet, which means that the cameras on the ceiling are hardly noticeable.”

Cameras ready in twelve hours

The ten cameras should be installed outside of business hours. Since a weekend open to the public was scheduled for the weekend defined for this, VALEO IT Neteye began dismantling the old analogue systems on Saturday afternoon right after business hours. "The dismantling and new assembly went very smoothly and was completed within just twelve hours, so that we were able to reopen the shop on time for the high-sales Sunday," says Meiller.

Good pictures even in low light conditions

A total of nine c25 indoor cameras were installed at the entrance and on the ceiling above the sales tables. Because of their small diameter of only twelve centimetres and a weight of around 200 grams, they are very well suited for ceiling mounting. The equipment includes a bright sensor with 6 MP Moonlight technology, a microSD card memory and the latest camera software. People, details of individual pieces of jewellery or watches can be identified very well even in poor lighting. In addition, the c25 MxAnalytics has video analysis tools for, for example, counting people and objects or a heat map display that shows frequently used areas. A p25 indoor camera was installed above the checkout area. Because of its manual pan and tilt function, it offers great flexibility in installation. The camera is equipped with a telephoto lens and delivers high-resolution 6 megapixel detail images.

Discretion guaranteed

A clearly identifiable video surveillance signals a high risk of being identified and caught after potential burglars or thieves, and therefore has a deterrent effect. In shops with upscale categories, however, this is not always desirable because customers generally place great value on discretion. “For a jewellery store like the one we have, a video system is part of the basic equipment, if only for insurance reasons. The cameras from MOBOTIX have an elegant design, so that at first glance they are not visible on the ceiling," says Meiller.

Easy evaluation in suspicious cases

The MOBOTIX cameras are based on a decentralized concept. Data and image processing as well as the coding take place in the camera itself. The recording is saved by Juwelier Meiller on the SD card of the camera and transferred to a network memory. They are only viewed when there are specific suspected cases. In addition, no additional hardware or software is required. This is another crucial advantage, because an expensive hard disk recorder was necessary for the old analogue cameras. There is a PC in the workshop on which live images from the sales room can be seen. This way, the employees there always have an overview of what is happening in the store. This means that the jewellery store has professional video surveillance, which will hopefully quickly lead to the investigation and arrest of the offenders in the event of theft or burglary.