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Fronius International GmbH, Austria

Zukunftssicherer Gebäudeschutz mit MOBOTIX-Kameras


Bei Fronius, einem seit 1945 bestehenden österreichischen Unternehmen mit den Tätigkeitsfeldern Batterieladetechnik, Schweißtechnik und Solarelektronik, beschützt MOBOTIX alle sicherheitsrelevanten Bereiche und die gesamte Außenhaut des Gebäudes. Ein Komplett-System mit HiRes MOBOTIX Kameras übernimmt zuverlässige Überwachungsdienste – sogar als elektronischer Pförtner. Wenige Kilometer vom Stammhaus der Fronius-Gruppe im österreichischen Wels entfernt, begann das Unternehmen im Jahr 2005 mit der Errichtung seines neuen zentralen Produktions- und Logistik-Standorts. Bereits in der Planungsphase des Standorts Sattledt suchte man einen kompetenten Partner für Entwurf und Umsetzung effizienter Sicherheitsstrategien, um das Gebäude bereits auf dem Papier mit einem maßgeschneiderten Konzept zu versehen. Die Entscheidung fiel zugunsten der VALEO IT GmbH aus dem bayrischen Schwandorf. 2004 gegründet, hat sich VALEO IT bereits den Ruf eines professionellen und kunden orientierten Problemlösers erarbeitet.

Customized solution for Fronius

For VALEO IT Security Consultant Norbert von Breidbach-Bürresheim, it was easy to convince Fronius employee Jürgen Strasser of a MOBOTIX-based security concept. For a long time, Fronius has been using MOBOTIX to achieve the best results in the selective monitoring of IT server rooms and other security-critical areas. The jointly developed concept now provided for extremely reliable 24-hour outer skin security using MOBOTIX IP cameras of the AllroundDual, Allround and DualDome models. Because of the higher level of detail of the megapixel technology, fewer cameras are required compared to conventional solutions. The camera intelligence takes over the evaluation of alarm criteria, buffering and compression of image and sound sequences. Therefore, the constant transport of the images for analysis to a central computer is not necessary, which minimizes the demands on the network bandwidth and the storage volume.

Webcam function welcomes additional service

Even before the first excavator dug its shovel into the ground, two MOBOTIX cameras installed on diagonally opposite corners of the property overlooked the construction site. One was connected to the junction box of a fibre optic cable to the parent company in Wels, the other drew its operating energy from battery-backed solar cells and directed its images to the first camera location via radio link. The pictures were valued in Wels as a valuable aid for the optimization of the construction work and also posted on the Internet. So everyone who was interested could accompany the rapid progress of the construction work.

Automatic barrier attendant

The entrances and exits to the factory premises are controlled with MOBOTIX. The barriers open automatically for vehicles whose number plates are stored in a tax calculator. This is made possible by four cameras installed in the columns in front of the barrier posts, aligned with the number plates, and software for pattern recognition distributed by VALEO IT. This allows suppliers, employees or security services to enter and exit unhindered, but unknown visitors, on the other hand, have to identify themselves by voice contact with the reception.

License plate recognition: comfort & security

Access control using license plate recognition is used today in a wide variety of areas, such as driveways to factory premises, in security zones, petrol stations, parking garages or in fleet management. In addition to the obvious safety aspect, comfort for the   driver also plays an increasingly important role. The license plates are recorded by a MOBOTIX camera and read automatically, quickly and reliably by the system. This enables the vehicle to be identified and the authorization for access to be checked without the use of tickets.

Added value included

MOBOTIX provides free and license-free professional video management software with lifelong update authorization for an unlimited number of cameras and users. In addition, due to the intelligence in the camera, a central computer is no longer required, which minimizes the required network bandwidth and the storage volume.