Company NIEHOFF, Schwabach

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Company NIEHOFF, Schwabach

Maschinenfabrik Niehoff setzt seit dem ersten Spatenstich auf MOBOTIX


NIEHOFF ist Inbegriff modernster Ziehanlagen für die Draht- und Kabelindustrie. Das Unternehmen mit Sitz in Schwabach bei Nürnberg entwickelt und baut Maschinen und Anlagen zum Ziehen, Glühen, galvanischen Verzinnen, Verlitzen, Aufspulen und Flechten von Draht aus Nichteisenmetallen sowie Maschinen zum Verseilen und Aufspulen isolierter Leiter. Dabei setzt das Unternehmen immer auf Lösungen, die dem neuesten Stand der Technik entsprechen. So auch bei der Sicherung des eigenen Werksgeländes: Hier kontrollieren knapp 30 MOBOTIX-Kameras wer sich gerade auf dem Firmengelände befindet.

Das traditionelle Familienunternehmen stellt seine Leistungsfähigkeit mit eigenem Know-how in der Fertigungstechnik und im Maschinenbau sicher und bietet eine ganzheitliche Lösungskompetenz durch die Weiterentwicklung zum Komplettanlagen- sowie Systemlieferanten. Niehoff agiert im Markt als unabhängiges und flexibles Unternehmen und setzt seit jeher auf die beständigen Werte einer vertrauensvollen, fairen Partnerschaft. Dies war auch Grundlage für die Zusam-menarbeit mit VALEO IT Neteye GmbH bei der Umsetzung eines Konzeptes zur kompletten Sicherung des neuen Werksgebäudes.

Extensive test phase

When the planning for the new factory building started, MOBOTIX Advanced Partner VALEO IT was commissioned to create a concept to completely secure the company premises. The primary goal was that the plant security should be informed immediately if unauthorized persons gain access to the site. Not an easy task, because the company premises cover almost 90,000 square meters. The assembly, a paint shop working according to the latest environmental technology and the electrical and mechanical test bench, as well as the mechanical production and the offices and training rooms close to the company are currently located here. The training workshop for the 40 trainees is also located there. In addition, the plant security guards the site in a separate building in which all cameras are controlled and centrally monitored.

During construction, Norbert von Breidbach-Bürresheim, Managing Director of VALEO IT Neteye GmbH, was on site several times to take pictures both during the day and at night and to analyse the respective lighting conditions precisely. These extensive tests were repeated in winter and summer to find the best solution for NIEHOFF. During this test phase, the MOBOTIX cameras scored with their high quality. Because right from the start of construction, an AllroundMono camera was installed on a mast, which documented the entire construction phase. The actual implementation of the current project took about four months, because in addition to the cameras, the entire network and switches as well as a concept for lightning protection were implemented.

Every movement is recorded

To get an overview of which people and vehicles are currently on the site, a large number of MOBOTIX DualNight cameras were installed on the driveways. These high-resolution IP dual cameras have two separately connected, freely selectable image sensors. Thanks to the integrated DVR functionality, they offer a slot for an SD card. The plant security department sees exactly where a truck is, how it is positioned and whether other vehicles can be let in. Despite the zoom, the overview is not lost and with two integrated lenses, telephoto and wide-angle images are recorded and displayed simultaneously. Because of the high resolution, compared to analogue or regular IP systems, significantly fewer cameras were required to capture the desired image areas.


Call at the push of a button

An IP video door station from MOBOTIX was installed at the main entrance and at two further entrances to the new company building. This ensures that only authorized persons have access to the building. With this complete video solution, NIEHOFF controls door communication. The solution is fully integrated into the telephone system and automatically triggers a call when the bell rings. Thanks to the IP video door station, the company is always able to record events in the entrance area permanently or permanently, including lip-synchronized sound on the integrated memory. All data recorded by all cameras are continuously checked in the plant protection control centre. The video control centre is only used to look at and control the cameras, not for evaluation and recording. Because the essential and computation-intensive functions are already included in the individual cameras as a characteristic of the decentralized concept of MOBOTIX. This significantly reduces the amount of data in the images and thus the network load. NIEHOFF also saves on overloaded, expensive video management software.

No unnoticed access to the material warehouse

In addition to the AllroundDual cameras and the door station, two dual dome cameras from MOBOTIX were attached to a shelter that serves as a material store. With this, NIEHOFF wants to ensure that nobody unauthorized or improperly removes valuable materials or damages parts. The DualDome cameras offer numerous installation options and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The DualDome camera can monitor different areas of the room with two independently adjustable lenses. In addition, MOBOTIX cameras are robust, low-maintenance and weatherproof from -30 degrees to +60 degrees, and offer continuous digital zooming, panning and tilting. This makes it easy to recognize faces or markings on vehicles. Thanks to these cameras, plant security immediately has an eye on anyone who is removing valuable materials or damaging parts and who is in the area of the material warehouse.

Due to this comprehensive security concept with MOBOTIX cameras, unnoticed access to the factory premises is almost impossible. The plant security department receives a central overview of the entire site in the factory building and can monitor all cameras from there. Thanks to the door station, plant security always has a clear view of who is entering and leaving the main building. This way, the entire company premises are secured centrally from a control centre. It is also planned to expand the parent company in Schwabach with a new six-story administration building including a canteen. Here too, NIEHOFF will rely on video security solutions from MOBOTIX.